Sleeping inAlthough it sounds trivial and people think it’s overrated but mothers really do get less sleep.

They’re up before anyone else cooking breakfast and getting the kids ready for school. The amount of sleep that working moms get is even less and their breakfasts are often a hurried cup of coffee in the car. It’s precisely why letting them sleep in till noon for once can be a great gift. Even on the weekends, moms are up early because it’s the time they reserve for the bigger and more time consuming chores.
Breakfast in BedFew people know how annoying it is to get up early and make breakfast when you’re working on an empty stomach yourself. Mothers get up early and everything from the morning shower to getting dressed and doing hair is done at top speed which is why nothing can be a better Mothers Day gift than having your morning meal served in bed. A word of caution here is that breakfast in bed shouldn’t be cold cereal and coffee. Take the time to make a real Mothers Day meal, something nourishing and tasty like pancakes and waffles or something decadent like mother’s day fruit basket filled with fruit and chocolate.